About ZINC Realty, Inc.

ZINC is the premier leader in the state for the sale of recently remodeled homes. ZINC acquires distressed properties in good neighborhoods, rehabs them to only the highest standards and then resells them to the general public at substantially reduced prices, as compared to new. Our materials and selection of lighting, carpeting, painting, etc. are name brands found in most custom homes. You will have comfort in knowing only the finest in materials and products coupled with expert installation are used in our remodeling process.

Most buyers simply do not have the time, energy or resources to purchase distressed properties and repair them to acceptable standards. For this reason, countless buyers count on ZINC for their next newly remodeled home.

Our success is the benchmark for our industry. Many seek to compare themselves to ZINC and/or make efforts to replicate our methods. Our staff, our repairmen and our company stand behind each and every home we remodel. We are extremely proud of our track record, which is why many of our homes have waiting lists, or sell in a matter of a few days.

Experience the ZINC difference and make your next home a newly remodeled ZINC home.

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About ZINC Realty, Inc.